2024-05-22: News Headlines

Sondos Shalaby (2024-05-22). Spain, Ireland and Norway recognise Palestinian state. middleeasteye.net Spain, Ireland and Norway recognise Palestinian state | Other countries expected to follow suit in the coming weeks, Irish prime minister says | | Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez interacts with Patxi Lopez, member of the Spanish Socialist party PSOE, during a plenary session of the lowe…

WSWS (2024-05-22). Ann Arbor school board votes for draconian budget cuts. wsws.org The Democratic Party-controlled school board approved $20 million in budget cuts, including the elimination of 141 positions…

aljazeera (2024-05-22). Germany's AfD bans top candidate from EU poll events over Nazi comments. aljazeera.com Maximilian Krah recently said Nazi SS members 'not all criminals', prompting French far-right allies to shun party.

ecns.cn (2024-05-22). Former governor of Guizhou prosecuted for bribery. ecns.cn Sun Zhigang, former Party secretary of Guizhou province and deputy head of the National People's Congress Financial and Economic Affairs Committee, has been prosecuted for taking suspected bribery, the country's top procuratorate said on Wednesday.

Editor (2024-05-22). The inexorable rise of the Belgian Workers' Party. mronline.org European Parliament elections in Belgium are once again taking place in the shadow of national parliamentary and regional elections. One could, therefore, expect similar results in both sets of polls.

newleftreview (2024-05-22). Sahra Wagenknecht: Condition of Germany. newleftreview.org Interview with a prominent leader of the German left on the state of her country, currently the epicentre of converging crises—geopolitical, economic, environmental. With politics swerving right under an SPD-led government, flux and refoundation on the left.

newarab (2024-05-22). Why I called out Suella Braverman's gaslighting live on TV. newarab.com Last week former UK government minister Suella Braverman tried to jumpstart her stalling career. She attempted to pick a fight with pro-Palestine So, to up the stakes, she decided to debate me, a member of the Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP), live on

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