2024-05-13: News Headlines

WSWS (2024-05-13). As California academic workers begin strike authorization vote, protests against Gaza genocide continue. wsws.org Ahead of the vote, Socialist Equality Party candidate for US president Joseph Kishore released a statement calling on UC academic workers to vote "yes" to strike.

WSWS (2024-05-13). On behalf of Biden administration, UAW bureaucracy and DSA struggle to contain anti-war sentiment. wsws.org In recent weeks, the Democratic Party has come to rely increasingly on the UAW bureaucracy and Democratic Socialists of America to protect Joe Biden, insulate his re-election campaign from growing hostility to the genocide in Gaza, and keep weapons flowing both to Israel and to Ukraine in the US-NATO war against Russia.

Staff (2024-05-13). Galloway's Workers Party to stand candidates everywhere in challenge to Labour. defenddemocracy.press Apr. 30, 2024 THE Workers Party will challenge Labour in almost every English seat at the general election, its leader George Galloway announced today. Among the party's standard bearers will be former England cricketer Monty Panesar, who will stand in the Southall seat in west London. Unveiling the largest left-of-Labour electoral challenge in history, Mr …

Staff (2024-05-13). Won't waste time on statehood to J&K as it is already promised: Omar. muslimmirror.com Srinagar : National Conference leader Omar Abdullah on Sunday said restoration of statehood to Jammu and Kashmir is not an issue for his party in the Lok Sabha polls, asserting that it will get the statehood anyway in view of commitment by the prime minister and the Union home minister. Abdullah also said the results …

WSWS (2024-05-13). The struggle for socialism against British imperialism and the Labour Party. wsws.org This is the text of the speech delivered by Thomas Scripps, the assistant national secretary of the Socialist Equality Party (UK), to the 2024 International May Day Online Rally.

WSWS (2024-05-13). SEP (Australia) public meeting: Free Julian Assange! Oppose imperialist war! wsws.org The Socialist Equality Party in Australia is holding a meeting on Sunday, May 26 in Sydney and online to discuss the urgent struggle to free Julian Assange.

WSWS (2024-05-13). Sri Lankan workers enthusiastically support SEP's party development campaign. wsws.org Sri Lankan workers and youth have strongly backed the Socialist Equality Party while denouncing government's attempts to block independent and socialist candidates from participating in forthcoming elections.

newleftreview (2024-05-13). Sahra Wagenknecht: Condition of Germany. newleftreview.org Interview with a prominent leader of the German left on the state of her country, currently the epicentre of converging crises—geopolitical, economic, environmental. With politics swerving right under an SPD-led government, flux and refoundation on the left.

Alan Austin (2024-05-13). Measuring a decade of reckless Liberal Party debt. independentaustralia.net

Michael Roberts (2024-05-13). India: Modi and the rise of the billionaire Raj. cadtm.org A general election in India starts today. 970m Indians, more than 10% of the world's population, will head to the polls in what will be the largest election in history for the Lok Sabha (House of the People) parliamentary elections. The poll will spread across India and take up to 4 June to complete. Opinion polls suggest that Prime Minister Narendra Modi, leader of the Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), and his coalition will win a third successive 5-year term, and win by (…) | – | / |

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